A new treatment for brain cancer

ERC has developed a unique advanced cancer cell based immunotherapy invented by Pr. Apostolos Stathopoulos for the treatment of patients suffering from brain cancers. This therapeutic vaccine known as GLIOVAC/ERC1671/SITOIGANAP particularly targets high grade gliomas.
ERC seeks to eliminate cancer cells completely, leading to a cure through its unique cell-based immunotherapy approach that treats patients suffering from glioma or glioblastoma by directly stimulating the patient’s immune system with whole cancer cells and cell extracts. ERC has developed a unique, patented process using whole cells and lysates of autologous (patient’s own tumour) and allogeneic tumour cells (from other individuals).

Scientific innovation

Our unique vaccine involves immunisation with glioma derived cells and cell extracts from three or more individuals (allogeneic) as well as cells derived from the patient’s own tumour (autologous). This unique allogeneic/autologous vaccine triggers a powerful rejection response to the allogeneic antigens as well as the patient’s own tumour cells.
Using the basis of Immunotherapy and its design to exploit the natural abilities of our protective immune system, our product entices our own bodies to produce its own killer cells .

Immunotherapy solutions increase life expectancy, but also may improve quality of life for patients with most of the unpleasant, and often harmful, side effects of standard treatments being eliminated.

Our products


The ERC1671/SITOIGANAP (Gliovac™) vaccine is an advanced immunotherapy based on freshly extracted tumour cells and lysates that stimulates the patient’s immune system to recognise and reject cancer cells.
The vaccine contains a combination of autologous tumour cells, and allogeneic tumour cells, generated from the glioma tumour tissues of three different donor cancer patients, and the lysates of all of these cells. Upon injection, this mixture should stimulate the patient’s immune system to mount an immune response against the tumour cells, which could lead to their destruction.

Our focus

Epitopoietic Research Corporation (ERC-Worldwide), is a clinical stage emerging biopharmaceutical company developing a safe, highly effective approach for the treatment of cancer, particularly cancers of the brain as well as emerging infectious diseases such as SARS-Cov-2, Ebola and other viruses. ERC has built a network of leading clinicians in several countries in the world, among others in the US and Europe to propel its immunotherapies through clinical development and to market. ERC’s regimen of therapeutic vaccines has shown early promise in patients suffering from recurrent Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), the deadliest of brain cancers.

ERC is now applying its world leading immunotherapy technology to infectious diseases such as SARS-Cov-2, Ebola and other virus without any efficient treatment or prophylaxis.